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Paul VI Catholic High School



Paul VI Catholic High School


Paul VI Catholic High School

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PVI Loudoun Athletic Facility 


PVI Loudoun Fields 


Fall 2017 Early Signers 








Special Olympics Soccer  


WCAC Baseball Champions 2012 


The PAC 

The PAC (Panther Activity Center) The PAC is an air conditioned facility with a full size college main floor and 2 high school regulation cross courts. A re-finished auxiliary gym adds to the ample space for instruction and play. 

The Weight Room 


Soccer Sunset on Panther Field 


Baseball Field 

•A fully enclosed, lighted, Major League size field with seating for over 2500 fans. •Two 90’ x 20’ artificial turf batting and pitching facilities. •Multiple hitting stations set up to accommodate 20 hitters. 

Panther Stadium 

Fairfax High School Rebels first took the field at their newly built school in 1937. It was originally constructed by the WPA during the Great Depression. PVI has taken great care of this beautiful field since 1988. 

Auxiliary Gym 

The “original” gym used until 2003 by all teams, PE and the local CYO for basketball,volleyball and wrestling, including tournaments.  

11th Consecutive State Title 


Competition Cheer Squad 2017-18 


NVIS Champs 2017 




VI Man 


Panther Spirit 

Behind home plate. 

2018 College-Bound Senior Student Athletes 


Options Soccer 2017 


PVI Track & Field 


PVI Track & Field 


Arial View Loudoun Campus 



Crystal Akers'04, Katie Dannemann '06, Joe Dannemann, Alex Whitworth '03 and Katie Hathway '05 

Loudoun Map 


Softball 2018 


VISAA Seniors 2018 


Breakfast of Champions 

Boys and Girls Basketball 2017-18 

Girls Cross Country 2018 


Boys Cross Country 2018 


Breakfast of Champions 

Boys Lax & Track Teams 2018 

VISAA Champions 2018 

Boys Lacrosse 

VISAA Champions 2018 


VI Man 2018 


Dance Team 2018 


Girls Soccer 2018 


Tennis 2018 


Cheer 2018 


Field Hockey 2018 


Volleyball 2018 


Football 2018 


Boys Varsity Soccer 2018 


Field Hockey Selfie 


Congratulations to all of our medal winners at the State Catholic Championships! Girls varsity: @ethurneysen 3rd an……

10:27 PM - 23 Oct 18

It’s a gorgeous day for a championship race. Let’s go Panthers! #PVIPantherPride #StPaulVIPrayForUs…

6:46 PM - 23 Oct 18

Bring It On! Gameday Tues. vs Good Counsel! JV @ 5pm; Vars. @ 645pm!

4:11 PM - 23 Oct 18

Looking forward to some awesome performances on a beautiful day tomorrow! #PVIPantherXC…

11:06 AM - 23 Oct 18

The deadline for Wreaths Across America is November 26.  Click this link ...

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Boys Varsity Football

2 weeks ago

October 9, 2018 PVI Football Family: We have reached the half way point of our season and I would like to take this opportunity to address our football community with some thoughts and reflections. It has been an exciting time for all of us and I would like to bring everyone up to speed with some updates. Our team and coaching staff are all very grateful for your support and understanding during last month’s 24 day period of massive rain and the threat of a hurricane. We set out in the beginning of our season to have both JV and Varsity teams practice together in the start of each practice day. The past weather conditions made it almost impossible to fulfill this plan due to: practice field changes, beginning and ending practice times, Both J/V and Varsity games either rescheduled or cancelled. This all required splitting JV and Varsity practice due to field and time availability All these issues with last minute change and updates made transportation arrangements for parents understandably frustrating. This also made availability for the staff difficult. Finally we understand that these changes impacted our athletes as it related to school work and assignments. Everyone involved was impacted in some way by these circumstances.  I would like to say, however, that I am proud of our football community and the never-wavering support and dedication of our program throughout this difficult stretch. As frustrating as this was for all involved, I received nothing but positive energy and felt a deep support that the football community has for this program. Moving forward, it appears that everything is now back to normal where we can establish a set routine and pick up where we left off prior to these challenges. We are now excited to have both JV and Varsity players all together again for pre-practice and agilities for a portion of practice before we split up into our individual units. This is very important because it brings all players together as one team which is the infrastructure for a winning program.   As we all are aware, our Varsity team is on a 4-game win streak which we all are very proud of this achievement. It is without question our players need this long weekend break for both mental and physical recovery. However, it is our hard work and dedication to our individual goals we set each week that has got us to the position we currently own.  I have planned to extend our practice (today) Tuesday the 9 th  and Wednesday the 10 th  an additional 30 minutes. This will enable us to add our weight training portion of our program which normally would occur on Monday along with film study. I would appreciate everyone’s support with this. (TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY ONLY) We all have come to the understanding that this portion of our program is for recovery and injury prevention as well as concussion prevention. I believe our fitness and condition has proven to be a big portion of our success.   The next area I wish to address is our funding. I am excited to report that our fundraising effort led by Mrs. Martine Francis was an unqualified success. The success can be attributed to the media guide sales and the letters blitz our team members took part in. We now have built a football budget which started the season in the negative to a point where we are able to function at an operating level with little concern for purchasing or acquiring necessities. The fundraising effort has allowed us to purchase football training sleds which range in the thousands of dollars. We use this equipment everyday which helps us prepare for our ground game. (We currently lead our league in rushing yards and total points scored). We also have been able to upgrade our HUDL account (software product) which enhances our ability to break down film and game preparations. It also has the capability now to capture and prepare individual player highlights for college recruiting purposes. We also were able to host a pre-season team dinner for both PVI and St. Christopher’s football teams after our first scrimmage. This dual team experience is important to me as the head coach because I view St. Christopher as our sister school and their football program headed by Coach Lance Cleland is one I wish to emulate. Their program including the type of student, competition level and their community respect and faith based ideals is where I see PVI headed. Along with the above costly items mentioned above, we also have the funds for most of our needs to include: Technical maintenance Workout equipment Video services Coaches clinics Some of our future expenditures anticipated are: TV Monitor for film study IPAD device dedicated to the football program Hand shields and portable storage shed to house specific football practice equipment Gauntlet (Running Back Training Sled) Open field Tackling Machine As you can see, we have come a long way from the start of our season. Although we have a list of prioritized expenditures that are still out of financial reach, we have closed the gap because of YOUR support. We can’t thank you all enough for this. Below you will find the football practice schedule for this week. I hope to see many of you at our next game at Sidwell Friends on Saturday, October 13 th  at 2:30pm.   Hopefully you will be there to witness our attempt to gain our fifth victory in a row, something that PVI Football has not done this century. As always, any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me directly. COACH G 703/678-6346 Varsity football    Tuesday          3:30 – 6:15 Wednesday    12:45 - 3:45 Thursday         3:30 – 5:45 Friday              3:30-4:30     Walk through                          4:30-5:30     Team Meeting                          5:30-6:30     Team Dinner Saturday         Beat Sidwell Friends ...

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Cross Country 1. The first official cross-country practice is on Wednesday, 8/15/18, 3:30-5:15 pm at the PVI Track. You must make sure that your physical form has been turned in to the athletic office before coming to practice. You also must bring your 4 Part Form, with all appropriate signatures, to practice with you. Please make sure you arrive at practice in running attire with a water bottle!  2. We will be having our annual team night at the Potomac River Running store in Fairfax Corner on 8/15/18 at 7:30 pm. We will meet outside the store at 7:15 pm. Once we go in the store, they will explain different shoe options for cross-country and you get a 15% discount on your purchases. The school will also receive $5 for every pair of shoes purchased.  3. Please be aware that our first meet is on Thursday, 8/23/18. We will not be accepting new team members after that meet. If you intend to participate in cross-country, you need to make your decision prior to the start of the season. 4. If you need access to the team wiki, please contact Coach Kiernan at ...

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Girls Varsity Soccer

2 months ago

Tryouts will be  August 15-17 from 9 am-noon each day at Draper Park ...

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Boys Varsity Soccer

2 months ago

The boys soccer tryouts will be August 15-17. JV tryouts will be from 5:30 - 7:30 pm and Varsity tryouts will be from 7:30 - 9:30 pm...

Boys Varsity Soccer

2 months ago

The boys soccer tryouts will be August 15-17. JV tryouts will be from 5:30 - 7:30 pm and Varsity tryouts will be from 7:30 - 9:30 pm on Panther field....

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